The "J." Foundation, through the endless
efforts of our volunteers, provides the best
quality of life for children, and their
families, facing life limiting illness.

The "J" Foundation, Inc. is a 501 C-3 non-profit corporation of the state of Pennsylvania. The "J” Foundation, founded by Jamie Panetta promotes, protects, and sustains the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of terminally ill children and adolescents.

Further, we support families with end of life care expenses.

Your donation and support to the "J" Foundation, Inc will help make our work a success and assist the many families in need of your help at the most difficult time in their lives.

Contact us to learn how you can get involved with The "J" Foundation.


Jamie Panetta

Jamie Panetta founded the "J" Foundation in 1998 as a benefit dinner for a young boy, Joseph Novelli. Joey was a six year old boy in first grade. Joey was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Unfortunately, there was not much medically that could be done for him but to continue to shower him with love and affection and provide him with maximum comfort. Jamie hosted the "First Annual Joseph Novelli Benefit Dinner." Jamie's goal was to help ensure his family stability for the limited time Joey had and so richly deserved.

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Dale Perkel, LCSW, Social Work Manager, The Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children

"Because of the Foundation's help in providing and paying for therapy, the family received the counseling they needed and have been able to put their lives back together and to live with the loss of their child."

Edward Speeding, MSW, The Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children

"The J Foundation gives people a small glimpse of kindness during times when they are immersed in darkness. Without this foundation, our patients would not know where to turn and we, as social workers, would certainly be less able to help."

Dale Perkel, LCSW, Social Work Manager, The Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children

"I want to thank you for the unique service that you provide to the families of terminally ill children. Their families struggle in many ways both before and after the deaths of their children. Your educational materials have been invaluable to helping families better understand the grieving process."